This Thursday, August 8th, the XX Jumilla Wine Exaltation Fair is celebrated. In it, the 21 wineries with Jumilla Protected Designation of Origin will meet, among which is Bodegas Luzón.

The main objective of the meeting is the promotion of culture, gastronomy and, of course, wine. This fair revolves around the quality and elegance offered by the products that the different wineries of the D.O.P. Jumilla produce so that visitors can witness it.

In Jumilla there is a wine culture with many years, centuries even for some wineries like ours, of history, and that is what we try to show in this kind of events. These are key moments so that all who attend can know, a little more, the wine tradition in our region.

During the event, a glossary will be carried out by Diego Cutillas, a renowned winemaker of Jumilla with a great presence in the wine sector. In addition, we will have the opportunity to make an extraordinary wine tasting of the wineries present, among which of course, will be Bodegas Luzón.

The twentieth edition of this important fair for our land could not be better enlivened: the Limbotheque group will perform at night. Jazz, pop, country, swing…

At 00: 00h, all attendees will make a toast to celebrate the great evening: the Jumilla Wine Exaltation. It will undoubtedly be one of the most special moments of the entire fair.

The XX Jumilla Wine Exaltation Fair will begin, as we said, on August 8, at 9:30 p.m. It will take place in the Pío XII Gardens of Santa Ana del Monte. We are expectant and expected to be another success!

Tickets can be purchased online, through the Global Tickets website, a novelty of this edition of 2019. And, of course, access to the site will be facilitated by a bus route that departs from the Jumilla bus station and vice versa .

As the mayor of Jumilla, Juana Guardiola, says, “the Fair and Festivities of Jumilla, an act that has grown to become a benchmark to make visible and promote the culture of wine and Jumilla itself.” We cannot agree more! The wine culture in the Jumilla area is present in our lives and so we must continue, working to contribute to its visibility in the rest of the world.