The Polytechnic University of Cartagena (UPCT) bottles 3000 litres of wine with the merseguera grape variety, traditional from the Campo de Cartagena area.

The winery was in charge of mentoring the students throughout the preparation process

Bodegas Luzón has sponsored the Tomás Ferro white wine which, for the first time, students from the School of Agricultural Engineers from the UPCT helped to make, producing 4500 litres, 3000 of which have been bottled.

Experts from the winery guided the students in managing the vineyards at the Tomás Ferro Agro-food Experimental Station, where agronomist researchers from the university have recovered the merseguera grape variety, traditional from the Campo de Cartagena area, thanks to its adaptation to the zone’s climate, and of which only 25 hectares remain planted. The training and research project has led to the creation of this wine made with this grape, cultivated in the land of the estate, by using controlled deficit irrigation technology to get the maximum potential from the variety.

The estate where the vines are cultivated, Tomás Ferro, brings together the tradition of a grape adapted to the land and local climate with the use of modern agronomic technologies which improve quality and make it possible to save water during production.

The managing director of the winery, Francisco Martinez, was in charge of collecting the recognition through which the company becomes the main promotor of this wine, which is “a smooth, fresh and fruity wine” according to the director of the School of Agricultural Engineers, Arantxa Aznar.