Last March 26th was held the final tasting of the Wine and Women Awards, a Contest laying on value wines produced by wineries where the woman is the main part. Moreover, the jury is composed exclusively of professional women in the wine world as someliers, journalists and winemakers.
In this eighth edition our wines Finca de Luzón 2014 and Luzón Crianza Seleccion 12 2012 have been awarded with the Diamond and Ruby Awards respectively.

Finca Luzon 2014 is the result of the last harvest, a young, fruity, fresh and lively wine, full of sensations with the character of our Monastrell joined with the fruitiness and the spiciness fron the Syrah varietal.

Luzon Crianza Seleccion 12 2012 grapes come from low yield vineyards and are chosen for their high quality and structure. Softening separately each variety is done in French oak barrels (80%) and American (20%) for 12 months. The result is this wonderful wine, balance between tradition and modernity.