These are difficult days for everyone. We are immersed in a health crisis that forces us to take a series of precautions in order to stop it. The best thing we can do to collaborate is to comply with the state of alarm, and that involves staying home.

Nowadays, there are almost two weeks of confinement that, at times, can be done uphill and that the hours pass more slowly. But it is time to take a look at the past to remember what we enjoy most on a day-to-day and visualize it in the future.

The simple fact of meeting friends to have a wine and pair it with an aperitif, or get together with the family to toast with a glass of wine and blow out the candles for a birthday, are some of the situations that we value the most today.

The truth is that, although we do not have that freedom of movement to be able to make these types of physical visits, technology reinvents itself once again in order to facilitate these situations.

Maybe you can’t attend a wine tasting. Or learn pairing in a course. Or, as we said, enjoy a good wine with friends or family in your own home.

But there is something you can do to get the most out of these days of confinement, and that is to do all of this through your computer screen. No, it is not the same as going to a winery in person, but for that there will be time when this is over.

We want to give you some ideas to learn about wine and enology without having to breach the obligation to remain in quarantine. You only need interest and passion for the subject and, of course, having this product in your home.

1. Attend live the wine tastings of the Protected Designation of Origin Jumilla.

The P.D.O. Jumilla has organized different online wine tastings for anyone who wants to learn about enology. They are held every Friday at 8pm by different sommeliers and winemakers from their own homes. They offer tasting notions, and talk about the types of wine that this Denomination of Origin has: white, rosé, red, sweet, and sweet liquor.

The initiative is developed through the Facebook account of the Jumillana designation of origin. The first tasting, last Friday the 20th, was offered by María Quílez from her home in Jumilla. Esperanza Pérez Andreo, sommelier of La Gracia Encanto Líquido, will offer the tasting tomorrow, Friday 27th. The next tasting, on Friday April 3, will be in charge of the winemaker Diego Cutillas also from his home.

2. Make crafts with wine ink.

The flagship product that we honor today (and always), wine, also makes it the perfect material for many types of crafts. And not only for the children, they also allow the development of the ingenuity and creativity of adults.

Surely you already know Damajuana · Wine ink. It is a brand dedicated to the design of products that unites art and wine. The protagonist of this brand is an ecological and artisan wine ink, made with the Monastrell variety, thus enhancing the native variety of the Protected Designation of Origin Jumilla.

If you already have your Monastrell wine at home ready, we suggest you create your own wine labels with your family, drawings made with ink and everything you can think of in terms of crafts. On the Damajuana website you will find inspiration. They attended our winery in “Vendimia Abierta” and their workshop was a complete success! Don’t forget to show us your works of art through the hashtag #AtHomeWithLuzón.

3. Enjoy the good wine at home.

Continuing to drink wine at home during confinement is possible. Maybe you have to celebrate a birthday or important milestone and, for this, it is important to have wine to enjoy.

We continue to ship at home during confinement. In addition, until next Tuesday, March 31 (included), you can place your order with free shipping on purchases over € 45 in our online store. Do you already know what wines from Bodegas Luzón you want to discover?

What are you doing during confinement? We would love to see how you enjoy our Bodegas Luzón wines at home and in what way, so we encourage you to share your photos through the hashtag #AtHomeWithLuzón. Because to get back together again as soon as possible, don’t forget: #StayAtHome.