If there is a grape that we are very proud of in Bodegas Luzón, it is Monastrell, a native variety of Levante. It is located in a privileged territory, between the Mediterranean Sea and the Meseta, acquiring the best of each area.

To find the origins of the Monastrell, we go back to the fifteenth century and, it is believed, to the Valencian town of Sagunto. Some time later, it arrived in southern France, known under the name of Mouvedre, and in Australia, called Mataró.

The truth is, although its beginnings were not easy, since it was considered a grape to sell in bulk, today it is the second most important variety in our country, after Tempranillo.

At present, we can frequently find the Monastrell grape in Alicante, Valencia, Almansa, Bullas, Yecla and, of course, Jumilla, the Protected Designation of Origin to which we belong. From our D.O.P., we also highlight that it is the area with the most hectares of Monastrell in the world. A very relevant fact!

Working this grape is synonymous with success, since the results are very positive for its characteristics. One of the reasons is its adaptation to the land where it is born, where the sun abounds and the rain is scarce. It is a variety that sprouts and matures, late, in warm areas such as Jumilla.

The vineyards in which we grow the Monastrell mark their character, reflected months later in our wines. The altitude and the ground, together with the climate of Jumilla, give a very sweet and usually black or grayish blue fruit.

The result of the wines made with Monastrell is a product with powerful flavors, in which the fruity notes, and intense colors predominate, as its characteristic purple red.

Undoubtedly, we talk about the grape that best characterizes Luzon Wineries and, of course, the Jumilla Protected Designation of Origin. A unique variety that grows in special conditions. And we can show it thanks to our wines, those that we elaborate with such dedication from this native grape.

Neither more nor less, treating this variety has given great satisfaction to our winery, so much that we can assure you that we have the best Monastrell de Jumilla. In the XXV Jumilla Wine Quality Contest our Luzon Monastrell Collection was credited as the best Monastrell de Jumilla for a young woodless wine.

The harvest of this grape is one of the most important vintage landmarks in Bodegas Luzón. Soon we will get to work with the Monastrell, waiting for incredible results! And working so that the next vintages are as positive as those of recent years.

Do you want to know more peculiarities of this grape? We invite you to visit us during the Open Harvest Days to know its history and tradition in our winery. You do not miss this!