Eight wines of Bodegas Luzón were classified as “Excellent” in the last edition of the Peñin Guide 2020, one of the most consulted manuals by enthusiasts and profesionals from the wine sector worldwide. This group has get between 90 and 92 points, even more, the concession of the 4 and 5 stars for his best-value wines.

Peñin Guide consider as excellent those wines between 90 and 94 points. In this range is where we can find our wines Alma de Luzón, Por tí, Altos de Luzón, the Premium wines of our cellar. The same points has get the new wines of the line “Colección Luzón”, as well Luzón Colección Crianza, Luzón Colección Garnacha Tintorera and Luzón Colección Rosado. Inside this privileged group we can fin our wine “Finca Luzón Crianza” and “Finca Luzón”.

This points confirm the constant commitment of Bodegas Luzón to make better wines of the highest quality, having as a starting point the brilliant and accurate work in our vineyards, taking care of them throughout the year to achieve the highest quality of our grapes.

The Peñin Guide is one of the most influent wine publications, for both experts and wine enthusiasts. Is the fuller guide of Spanish wines in Spanish, with more than 11.500 wines tasted. This oenological encyclopedia, edited in English, German and Spanish, is responsible for presenting the Spanish wines with his respective qualifications to a International level.

Therefore, the fact that eight of our wines were included in the new 2020 edition between the best wines of Spain, comes in the effort for make wines that exceed the expectations of our consumers.

Bodegas Luzón is one of the most representatives cellars in the D.O.P Jumilla (Murcia), currently present in over 30 countries. Our wines have been honored with numerous international awards in the most important wine contests by his quality and innovation.