Our Winery


The vineyard and the winnery, our distinctive character

Origins, one big family

Bodegas Luzón is one of the leading producers and exporters of quality wines from D.O. Jumilla (Murcia, Spain).

This winegrowing region is located in south-eastern Spain, in the north of the Murcia province, on a high plateau surrounded by mountains. It enjoys a continental climate influenced by the Mediterranean Sea with warm days and cool nights, over 3,000 sunshine hours annually and an average rainfall that does not exceed 300 l/m2 per year. Its soils are poor in organic material, coarse textured and stony, sandy clay and abundant in limestone. These soils produce small clusters, with good sugar concentration, excellent acidity and thicker skins.

All of these characteristics result in the production of intensely coloured wines, which are very aromatic, fruity, tasty and fleshy on the palate.

Processing, our reason

The grapes are hand harvested and transported in 10 or 15 kg plastic crates, reaching the winery almost intact. Once there, they go through the sorting table. The clusters are then fed into the de-stemmer, which separates the berries from the stems. The stems are removed as they would add green, vegetal astringent characters. The grapes are then moved to the fermentation tanks. Each grape variety is fermented separately to maintain its own unique and distinctive properties.

Traceability and temperature control are our two major concerns. Upon arrival the grapes are stored in a refrigerated room and throughout the elaboration process they are kept in refrigerated fermentation tanks.

We are deeply focused on every single detail of the process to ensure that we bring out the very best in each grape and thus to create superior wines.

Aging, our experience

Barrels play a fundamental role in the aging of wines. The wood, through its pores, allows a slow penetration of oxygen, which produces a mild oxidation, modifying the structure of the wine and altering its colour and flavour. Our aging rooms are underground, which provides fairly constant temperature and humidity year round. We currently own 2,400 barrels and have an aging capacity of more than 5,000 American and French oak barrels.

Once bottled, wine is aged in the absence of air, in a reductive environment, which results in its roundness, harmonizes its aromas and optimizes its organoleptic characteristics.

We use wine racks to age the majority of our wines, however, for some of our very special wines, we maintain the traditional method of aging in bottle, lying one above other.

Pasillo de la crianza en botella

Technological Control

We have adapted to the latest advances in the technological control process. The winery has the most modern systems that guarantee quality, ensure the complete traceability of wines, from the vineyard, fermentation, processing, breeding and subsequent bottling.

Nave Altos de Luzón, sala de depósitos