For more than two years we have obtained the Wineries for Climate Protection (WfCP) Certificate of ISO 14001 Environmental Certification, which defines us as an environmentally sustainable winery.

Going deeper into the subject, this certificate of the Spanish Wine Federation (FEV) only has wineries that have one or more processes of continuous improvement of sustainability in the wine sector.

The WfCP meets certain criteria that every winery should have regarding its commitment to the environment. It acts on four fundamental pillars in relation to sustainability:

  • Reduction of gas emissions and greenhouse effect.
  • Water management.
  • Waste reduction.
  • Energy efficiency and renewable energies.

Currently, there are only 23 Spanish wineries of the more than 4,700 census in Spain that have the WfCP certificate, of which we are pioneers in the Protected Designation of Origin of Jumilla.

The fight against climate change and our commitment to the care of the environment value the obtaining of this certification, starting years ago with the production of our organic wines.

It is intended to address environmental risks and opportunities that are directly related to the life cycle of our wines.

All the actions that we develop under the WfCP Certificate are aimed, among others, to incorporate the best available technologies that promote maximum conservation of the environment.

Different improvement processes have been carried out that are directly related to our commitment to the environment. At the moment, we have reduced the weight of the bottles in the Collection range, incorporating technologies that reduce energy consumption, carried out controls on the use of resources in productive processes thanks to the placement of counters, the incorporation of LED lighting, etc.

A few days ago we have renewed this certificate, so our action and commitment to all the requirements that the WfCP meets are still ongoing and working day by day to implement new sustainable processes.