A rejuvenated wine, both inside and out, to offer the best of its qualities on all levels

A wine created to unite emotions with the senses; the velvety feel of its label, the vivacity of its colour on the eyes, the aroma and, of course, the taste.

A coupage of 80% Monastrell and 20% Syrah, varieties that grow in a terrain that offers intensely aromatic grapes with a good balance between sugar and acidity. The result is a deep cherry colour wine with expressive and intense aromas with prominent notes of red and black fruits. It is succulent in the mouth, with typicity and a fresh character.  It is, without doubt, a wine with lots of personality.

The creation of this new wine by Bodegas Luzón lies in the search for the soul (alma is the Spanish for soul), a thought-provoking topic to which hundreds of thinkers, historians, philosophers and scientists have dedicated their lives since ancient times in the hope of answering this question.

It has finally been proven that the soul – understood as that ability to remember important events and, above all, feel emotions towards different situations – resides in the neuronal connections in the brain, something which Bodegas Luzón has attempted to represent on the new label as an explosion of flavours and emotions. 

After a manual harvest, the fruit was left to macerate at low temperatures in 15 kg boxes. Bunches were manually  selected and alcoholic fermentation took place in 500 litre barrels. The wine was then transferred to new French and American oak barrels for malolactic fermentation and ageing for 22 months. 

Before being released on the market, this new red wine, which is being presented as a limited edition of 4,858 bottles, spent 16 months resting in the bottle. This wait for the right moment ensures that it will conquer the most discerning palates, as well as satisfying those seeking a fresh wine with lots of personality and elegance.