This is an increase of 25 per cent compared to the previous year and 90 per cent of visitors rate their experience between 8 and 10 points.

The commitment to wine tourism which Bodegas Luzón has been making over the last few years was consolidated at the close of 2018, a year in which it received more than 8000 visits, which means an increase of 25 per cent compared to the previous year’s figures.

In addition, the winery has implemented a system to measure visitors’ satisfaction and get to know what they thought of the experience on offer. The statistics indicate very positive figures, given that 90 per cent of the people interviewed would recommend the activity to a family member or friend, putting their degree of satisfaction between 8 and 10.

Francisco Javier Martinez, managing director of Bodegas Luzón states that “we are more than satisfied with the resulting figures, which stand us in good stead to continue offering wine tourism and experiences to those people who want to know us, offering an abundance of activities suitable for everybody, from grape harvesting in family to being an oenologist for a day”. Martinez points out that “our objective is to conserve and expand the culture of wine as well as convert our social networks into a place for meeting and leisure for those who want to write their own story with Bodegas Luzón, as indicated in our brand strategy which we launched scarcely a few weeks ago”.

Bodegas Luzón is a modern and different company, full of energy which merges the best of its past with an innovative character, making wines with a very distinctive personality.

To take part in any of the activities offered by the winery it is essential to book through the email address or by telephone on 968 784 135. On the winery’s website,, you can find all the information about dates and contents of each one of the original offerings perfect to be enjoyed as unique experiences.