As you know, we are celebrating the VIII Edition of Open Harvest Days in Bodegas Luzón. These days are composed of different activities that have a direct relationship with the winemaking and wine culture: vintage, tastings, grape painting and much more.

The first of these activities on the calendar is Family Harvest (Vendimia en Familia in spanish), an activity that began on September 14 and ends this Sunday, October 13. A month full of activities and workshops designed for the whole family to enjoy.

One of our objectives with Family Harvest is the transmission of the values ​​of our wine culture to those generations to come. Knowing the culture of wine from children is important to grow learning about everything that involves viticulture, from the time the grape is born until we harvest it. How is wine made? What comes out of the grapes? What is the must (mosto in spanish)? These are some of the questions that we have solved with the workshops raised during the Family Harvest for both young and old.

It has been gratifying to see how the little ones collected the clusters of our vineyards and subsequently stepped on it. To finish the activity, we make a must tasting with them and teach them how to taste it. In addition, we also had a good time doing different crafts while the elders enjoyed a visit to our winery. Undoubtedly, a fun way to know how wine is made and what are its processes since the harvest of the grapes during the harvest.

The images speak: four weeks of learning and entertainment for the whole family. Now, we are waiting for you in the second activity of the VIII Edition of Open Harvest: Growing up with the wine.