Bodegas Luzón brought 2018 to a close with an increase in sales in the catering channel by 39 per cent, driven by their new Luzón Colección range, specially made to meet the needs of this market.

In addition, the company grew by 17 per cent in the national market thanks to the authenticity of its wines, which are better and better positioned. On an international level its evolution has been very positive, in Asia in particular, with an increase of 40 per cent in China, Taiwan, South Korea and Japan. 2018 also meant a turning point in the Russian market, where it doubled its presence.

Bodegas Luzón had a turnover of 7.5 million euros, 55 per cent of which came from exporting.  Its business activity generates more than 100 jobs directly and indirectly.

The commitment to wine tourism which Bodegas Luzón has been promoting over the last few years was also consolidated in 2018 since it received over 8000 visits, an increase of 25 per cent with respect to last year’s figures.

As for investments, this year will see more than 300,000 euros aimed at renewing and extending its barrel room, improving the production processes and planting new vines.